To Darcy from Courtney / Sunny Hill

by Alex Rake and the Leaves

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Alex Rake and the Leaves present in full stereoscopic colour two very important recordings that are not important yet but will be no doubt when one or two or all of us are dead or at least severely brain damaged in an unfortunate but avoidable accident after we have burst through the threshold of fame but too soon before our prime like Mister Buckley, may he rest in peace. "To Darcy from Courtney" is a 3/4 experiment in vague hatred featuring an ugly bowed double bass and an attempt at singing in tune. Experiments can fail. We repeat: EXPERIMENTS CAN FAIL. "Sunny Hill" is a 4/4 experiment in being an unreasonable ex-boyfriend featuring the key of C and a hill at the beginning and end not unlike a nice plump aunt or uncle whose smell you will always remember because nobody can forget the fumes of Christmas liquor. We hope you can forgive our little improvisations for never keeping consistent because that's the first step to respecting the improvisations of fate and once we can get back to respecting fate maybe we can haggle with it as peers and not victims. The world is full of victims. Everyone's a villain. Jekyll and Hyde go 69ing down Highway 61 where everything is "very easily done" and we are all Jekyll and we are all Hyde but we won't all have to worry about who's the Hydiest or most Jekylly once we realize EVERYONE IS HUMAN and EVERYTHING IS EXPERIMENTAL and humans / experiments can fail. Love u.


released June 21, 2014



all rights reserved


Alex Rake and the Leaves Mission, British Columbia

Alex Rake is a singer/songwriter/low life from Mission, BC, and the Leaves are his friends. They are recipients of a Mission Muse Award for emerging artist.

Together, they make folk music with jazz ethics and punk aesthetics. In less fancy words, they yell and improvise all over troubadour songs.
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Track Name: To Darcy from Courtney
Now that the punch has been spiked, the party can start.
Now that the country's been built, we can tear it apart.
My girl wants a man. Yeah, I'm told.
Outside I ran, into the cold;
In the hail I did stand till I grew old;
So take these frozen hands - they're yours to hold.

I heard that you love someone else. O don't tell me it's true
When I've read every book on your shelf, when I read them to you.
I guess you're not a fan of poetry
When it's stumbling and stammering out of me,
When you've tumbled from your mountains to the sea,
And someone's shovelling sand all over "thee."

Now that this place has been paved, it's much safer to roam.
Now that this place has been saved, Christ, why don't you go home?
I can't forgive a child of his sins
While he hides out in the wild, darkly grins
That he's destroyed / defiled where we've been.
Yet so tender and so mild, the Earth still spins.

So where are you Darcy? I think that you owe me some thanks.
I bribed every hero to let you pass by with your tanks
And I watch them all parade across the beach
Pass the castle that we made, one tower each.
It's a holy place, I said, you'd never reach.
But you reached it. Well played. You've much to teach.
Track Name: Sunny Hill
I woke up on a sunny hill
Took all that I could do
I remember nothing but the grass
Then the sun, then the clouds, then you

I rode down from our sunny hill
Found you hiding in the town
I remember nothing but your mouth
That's your tongue, that's your tooth, that's your frown

I built you on my sunny hill
Now I'll tear you all apart
And remember nothing but the rattling
Of your tiny, tin can heart

Hey, where'd you go?

Let's go back to our sunny hill
Let's try this all again
I remember you. Don't you remember me?
I mean, wasn't I your friend?